Anal Expanders

The Anal Expanders is a must-have for any sex toy collection. These Anal Expanders sex toys are designed to increase sexual satisfaction whether with a partner or solo. Experience a whole new kind of thrilling stimulation with Anal Expanders sex toys!

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Ram Anal Balloon Pump -


Ass Puffer Nubbed Inflatable Silicone Anal Plug - Black


Anal Fantasy Collection Insta Gaper


Anal Fantasy Collection Inflatable Silicone Ass Expander - Black


Glow Hole 2 Butt Plug - Large - Blue Morph


Glow Hole 1 Butt Plug - Small - Blue Morph


Ram Inflatable Vibrating Anal Expander - Black


Stretch Master 2 Piece Training Silicone Ass Grommet Set


Hive Ass Tunnel Silicone Ribbed Hollow Anal Plug - Medium


Anchored Clear Anal Plug


Titanmen Tools Intimidator - Large - Black


Titanmen Anal Stretcher 6 Inch Plug